To Hell and Back by Kelex

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To Hell and Back (Enchanted Ink) by Kelex

Hell hath no fury like a Gideon scorned.
Gideon Goode is clever as the devil and twice as pretty. He even has the t-shirt to prove it. When the coven takes down a den of demons, it’s him they turn to in order to clean up the mess. While they search for a permanent solution, Gideon uses his power over memory to trap the beasts, caging them within the very humans they possessed.
But the search for the right spell eludes the coven, much to Gideon’s chagrin. The continuous enchantments siphon off his magic, causing him to grow weaker as time passes. Sexual healing helps, but he’s mateless and there’s only so much random d*ck he can take before that gets old.

Not that he’d admit that to anyone. He has a rep to maintain.
The instant someone starts killing off his prisoners, Gideon senses it. The coven goes on high alert to search for who’s targeting their otherwordly captives, but not before Lucifer gets involved—and—Gideon’s mates show up in town.
What’s a boy to do but to go to Hell and back to protect what’s his?

To Hell and Back – Kelex

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