Through the Ice by Jaqueline Snowe

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Through the Ice (Central State Hockey #1) by Jaqueline Snowe

The last person nursing student Audrey Hawthorne wants to be paired with for her senior clinicals is Theo Sanders. The hockey star responsible for her brother’s season-ending injury, so she’s branded him as enemy number one. Yet when they’re assigned to the same ICU team, Audrey can’t avoid him.
Theo, known for his easy smiles and sunny disposition, has always been misunderstood. Behind his cheerful facade lies a man struggling with heavy responsibilities—he’s been the main caretaker for his siblings ever since his mother’s stroke. When he learns he’ll be working alongside Audrey, he sees it as a chance to prove he’s not the villain she thinks he is.
Forced proximity in the high-stakes environment of the ICU makes it impossible for Audrey to maintain her grudge. She discovers Theo’s life off the ice is as complex and demanding as her own, filled with sacrifices and care for those he loves. Theo starts to break through her defenses, where they begin relying on each other for everything. But as their relationship deepens, can Audrey risk alienating the only family she has left?

Through the Ice – Jaqueline Snowe

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