Three’s a Crowd by Christy McKellen

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Three’s a Crowd by Christy McKellen

Right guy, wrong time …

Daisy’s perfectly content with her life. She’s got a job she likes, a nice enough flat, and in a relationship with childhood best friend Adam. She’s got used to the lack of fireworks – after all, you can’t put a price on friendship being the foundation of everything.
But they say you never forget your first, and Daisy has never forgotten how she felt that one summer with Zach – one electrifying, yet slightly embarrassing fumble in the dark.
The catch? Zach was also her and Adam’s best friend growing up. Now he’s back, after making his fame in Hollywood, and he has the same to-die for smile and cheeky glint in his eye… but Daisy has made her choice and it’s Adam – right?

Can Daisy follow her heart without anybody else’s hearts getting broken in the process?

Three’s a Crowd – Christy McKellen

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