Three in a Bed by Carmen Reid

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Three in a Bed by Carmen Reid

Can she really have it all?

Ambitious, successful, attractive, and newly married, Bella Browning is determined to Have It All. She wants love, sex, a beautiful home, a fabulous career, kids AND to keep her jaw-dropping looks. How hard can it be?!
Her journalist husband, Don, is terrified. He’s not against babies, but his job takes him all over the world and into warzones! The last thing he wants is a war at home. But he’ll do anything to make Bella happy. Won’t he?
But Bella’s about to discover that having it all is abosulte rubbish…
Morning sickness, raging hormones, sleepless nights and the baby blues are nothing compared to the chaos that comes with having a new-born and a job! Throw in house renovations, a neglected husband, and a boss who HATES women with babies and Bella has a recipe for disaster.
Being the perfect, modern, working mother is just about impossible. But if anyone can find new ways to make this all work and achieve her dreams, then surely, it’s Bella…isn’t it?!

Three in a Bed – Carmen Reid

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