Threads That Bind Us by Rae Douglas

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Threads That Bind Us (Syndicate of Fate #1) by Rae Douglas

The righteous hands of justice. The arbitrators of fate.

Gwen has always been her sister’s keeper. She’s never needed anyone else to give them a good life. But when a life-altering diagnosis requires more than what Gwen can provide, she’s left with no choice but to seek help in precarious places.
Charlie is a man of focus and control. As the enforcer for the Syndicate of Fate, his dedication is to his family and their mission. When the people he loves most end up targets of vicious retribution, Charlie must come to terms with the path laid out for him. Taking his rightful place as the right hand to The Syndicate’s matriarch.
By rights of tradition, he’ll need a spouse to do so.
A chance encounter and blood stained hands are all Charlie needs to know that Gwen has more than what it takes to bear the weight of The Syndicate’s secrets. As Charlie and Gwen come to an agreement that gives them both what they need—partners, maybe friends—they discover that fate threads people together in unpredictable ways.

Threads That Bind Us – Rae Douglas

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