Things Left Unsaid by Serena Akeroyd

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Things Left Unsaid (7C’s: A Pigeon Creek #1) by Serena Akeroyd, G.A. Mazurke

Colt’s the town’s golden boy…

…I’m a no-good McAllister
My grandmother summoned me to the family ranch and dropped a contract in my lap. I either marry Pigeon Creek’s resident billionaire and give him a child or we lose the Bar 9.
Pretty soon, I’m leaving NYC behind and moving onto the 7Cs.
A long time ago, my last name didn’t matter and his status meant nothing. Now, he hates me and I can’t forgive him.
Forced proximity reminds us of what we once had, but with so many things left unsaid, can we ever be anything more?

Tropes: HEA ~ protective hero ~ billionaire rancher ~ small-town romance ~ arranged marriage ~ he falls harder ~ romantic suspense ~ friends to enemies to lovers ~ heroine with diabetes ~ family saga ~ ‘it’s always been you’

Things Left Unsaid – Serena Akeroyd, G.A. Mazurke

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