Their Vampire Master by X. Everett

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Their Vampire Master (And Vampire Makes Three #2) by X. Everett

My name’s Eli, and—yep, you guessed it, my boyfriend, Rigg, and I are head over heels for a vampire.
My heart beats only for my vampire boyfriend and his sire, but what are the ground rules for dating not just one undead hottie, but two?

A spicy weekend getaway with my charming boyfriend and his closest confidante, the muscly adonis known as Alek, has led to not just one surprise, but two: Not only are they both undead, but my partner and I are forming an indescribable romantic bond with a 100-year-old vampire.
That brings me to my next question: Can vampires fly? Because in the surreal and steamy dreams I’m having, they can and they do. What do these dreams have to do with real life, though? As Alek and Rigg plan an exciting day trip for us—one they assure me will be filled with exploration, adventure, and steamy loving—I’m excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead as we explore this new relationship dynamic.

Their Vampire Master – X. Everett

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