The Worlds of S.E. Smith, Vol. 1 by S.E. Smith

The Worlds of S.E. Smith, Vol. 1 by S.E. Smith Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

The Worlds of S.E. Smith, Vol. 1 by S.E. Smith

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the vibrant worlds of S.E. Smith, where seven captivating series await your exploration. Each story offers a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the unforgettable characters woven together in a rich tapestry of love, adventure, and magic.

In “Skeeter’s Halloween Treat,” venture alongside Skeeter and Krac from the Zion Series as they, along with Skeeter’s dad, Bulldog, embark on a heartwarming mission that takes a surprising twist.

Then, immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Alliance Series with “Date Night,” where a romantic evening among the stars proves to be the perfect escapade amidst the chaos of interstellar parenthood.

Experience the cosmic romance of the Cosmos’ Gateway Series in “Second Chance at Love,” as Lal, an alien Prime warrior, endeavors to win the heart of a grieving widow with the magic of Christmas and his unwavering love.

Journey into the fantastical realms of the Seven Kingdoms Series with Ashure, the King of the Pirates, in “Ashure’s New Year’s Wish.” Join Ashure, Orion, Drago, and Koorgan as they find themselves entangled in mischief as the New Year approaches, leading to unexpected discoveries and wishes come true.

Delve into the unexpected connection between an alien AI and a human gamer in “Rena and the Gamer,” where two disparate worlds collide, igniting sparks of intrigue and fascination.

Discover the unbreakable bonds forged in “Connections,” as Dust, Sammy, Josie, and Todd embark on a quest to find Daciana, discovering along the way that family isn’t just about blood, but the ties we choose to create.

In “Krazy Kettles and Genies,” a genie purchased on eBay finds himself thrust into the magical world of Magic, New Mexico, where he encounters more than just a kitchen full of enchanted creatures and a charming restaurant owner.

Finally, journey back to the Seven Kingdoms in “Roo and the Golden Coin,” where Roo, daughter of Drago, King of the Dragons, embarks on a heartfelt quest to find a missing coin, only to discover that the true treasure lies in the bond between father and daughter.

The Worlds of S.E. Smith, Vol. 1 – S.E. Smith

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