The Witch’s Forbidden Wolf by Harmony Raines

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The Witch’s Forbidden Wolf (The Lonely Tavern #6) by Harmony Raines

Prophecies! Who writes this stuff?
A prophecy is the reason she’s been estranged from her coven.
A prophecy is the reason she’s been stranded on a faraway island for five years.
And Tamsin suspects a prophecy is the reason she’s wound up in this strange tavern with someone trying to kill her…again.
5 years ago, wolf shifter Mason was sent to kill his mate.
He didn’t. Obviously.
But his entire pack thinks he did. And his mate thinks he intended to.
But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only reason he volunteered for the job was to make sure that she could get away. Far away.
At first, she haunted his dreams, and the only way to keep himself sane was to close himself to her, to fate.
That is, until tonight.
Tonight the dream returned, and so did she.
And of course, it’s all happening in that weird tavern downtown.
Now she’s back all hell’s going to break loose when his pack alpha, his father, learns the truth of that fateful night. That Mason betrayed his pack and everything he believed in.
All because of some damn prophecy.
Who even writes these things?

The Witch’s Forbidden Wolf – Harmony Raines

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