The Witch & the Grizzly by Lisa Daniels

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The Witch & the Grizzly (Dreadmor Dark Academy #4) by Lisa Daniels

I know I’ve met him somewhere before.
And I know I’ll want to meet with him again…
I’ve not always led a clean life. I’ve done things I regret, but now I’m cleaning up my act.
The professors want my potion making skills for a new, secret project.
They’ve also brought in one other person – Nathan Griever, who I’m sure I’ve met before.
He’s dark, handsome, with a supernatural fae charm.
He also has the ability to transform into a bear. He’s big – the kind of big you don’t want to mess with.
And he and I will be working together to try and save the academy and beyond.
I also want to spend more time with him, as I remember more and more of the night we met…

The Witch & the Grizzly – Lisa Daniels

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