The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase

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The Werewolf Upstairs (Boston Uncommon #2) by Ashlyn Chase

Petty crime never looked so good. Konrad Wolfensen sees it as his duty to protect the citizens of Boston, even if it means breaking into their businesses just to prove their security systems don’t work—then he sells them one that does. But when his unsolicited services land him in trouble with the law, he’ll have to turn to his curvy, sexy, new neighbor for help.
Attorney Roz Wells is unhappy in her job as a public defender. With a knack for attracting the weird and unexpected, she’s had it with area 51 jokes. Then her dangerously hot neighbor starts flirting with her. When she meets him on the wrong side of a jail cell, she figures it’s just more proof that she has terrible taste in men. But she’ll do her best for him, legally, and try to resist anything more. She should know better.

The Werewolf Upstairs – Ashlyn Chase

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