The Verdict by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

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The Verdict (The Vigilantes #2) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Ex-Special Forces soldier Rhys Garrick was trained to expect the unexpected, but when he rescues a gorgeous woman from dangerous criminals he’s hunting, nothing could’ve prepared him for the incredible night that followed. Nor the way she disappeared the next morning.
It was for the best. Rhys wasn’t about to trade the freedom of the open road and his duty to the Vigilantes for a woman. So, he buries himself in club business until his next assignment takes him by surprise: Merritt Manning. The name on the wanted notice is unfamiliar but the face in the photo has haunted him for months; the woman is none other than the midnight-haired beauty who tempted him that night. And she’s wanted for murder.
So, Rhys does what he does best. He hunts Merritt down, expecting answers. Instead, he’s met with more questions and a desire that won’t be denied. When she slips through his grasp once more, he’s convinced she’s as guilty as she is gorgeous, and he won’t be fooled again.
When Rhys finally gets ahold of her for good, the feelings they share aren’t the only confession Merritt has. Her unexpected truth changes everything—including the verdict Rhys would’ve staked his life on.

The Verdict – Dr. Rebecca Sharp

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