The Uncanny Aviator by Jenya Keefe

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The Uncanny Aviator by Jenya Keefe

The only way out is up.

Lord Cay is desperate. Adrio, his husband, has grown cold and distant, and Cay can’t fathom why. Unless Adrio somehow found out about Cay’s appalling past, but Cay has taken care to hide it from him. Lying to the man he loves is painful, but it’s better than the alternative: losing Adrio forever.
Meanwhile, rumors swirl of a mysterious hero who rescues captives from the labor camps of Muntegri and magically flies them over the mountains to safety. When a cruel enemy agent blackmails Cay for information about this aviator, Cay makes a rash decision. He knows nothing and can’t turn to his husband for help without revealing the truth about his past. The only thing he can do is lie even more.
Each new falsehood succeeds in misleading the enemy, but it also drives another wedge between Cay and Adrio. Forced to choose between love and honor, Cay must decide where his loyalties truly lie. And the Uncanny Aviator may be the key to everything, including saving their marriage.

The Uncanny Aviator – Jenya Keefe

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