The Thomas Crown Effect by Lori Wilde

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The Thomas Crown Effect (Road Trip Rendezvous #3) by Lori Wilde

Get ready for one wild road trip in this sizzling enemies-to-lovers action/adventure romantic comedy!

When Maddie Cooper’s impulsive twin Cassie disappears on a botched FBI art theft sting, the intense former Olympian storms onto the scene, ready to tear through anyone necessary to bring her sister home. That includes bulldozing her way into working the case with agent David Marshall—the arrogant, by-the-books G-man who sees adrenaline junkie Maddie as nothing more than a meddling sister likely to destroy his investigation.
Maddie usually keeps her killer body, and guarded heart locked down tight, with no time for egotistical federal agents. Meanwhile, David thinks this protective sister has no business crashing his hunt into the dangerous criminal underworld Cassie’s gotten lost in.
But as the unwilling partners traverse the backroads and seedy hideouts searching for Cassie and the purloined masterpieces, sparks as volatile as nitroglycerin ignite between them. Forced to rely on each other with lives at stake, resisting the attraction proves harder than making a clean getaway.

Can Maddie bring her reckless twin home without killing the maddening agent first? And will love bloom between two very different people who ignite passion in each other?

The Thomas Crown Effect – Lori Wilde

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