The Sweet Spot by Bella Matthews

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The Sweet Spot (Playing To Win #4) by Bella Matthews

“Marry me.”
I didn’t think it was possible for one night to change your life until I heard myself utter those words.
Our story didn’t begin the night I agreed to marry Deacon Kane to help him keep his daughter. It started ten years ago, with a hotshot hockey player I couldn’t wait to see each summer. He was big, broad, and filled-out his board shorts so damn nicely. But holy hell . . . The memory of teenage Deacon doesn’t hold a candle to the man he is now, the one who makes me melt each time he says, “my wife.”
What was supposed to be a marriage of convenience quickly spirals into something else. Something I can’t control. Because this man makes me feel alive in a way I’ve never felt before, and I want more.
More sparks.
More life.
More time.
Can a relationship based on lies last . . . especially when I’m the one keeping all the secrets?

The Sweet Spot – Bella Matthews

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