The Sun Child by J. M. Failde

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The Sun Child by J. M. Failde

A child of man, with hair like day meeting night, will guide the vampire back into the sunlight.

Lila Bran has been here before, she has been the mouse in the Vipers’ game. But this time, she’s stronger. This time, she has power, the safety of her brother, and—most importantly—she has Ambrose Draven.
As she aims to prove herself against her enemies in the Viper Morada, will Lila find the depth of her powers and prove she is more than a murine? Or will she discover the beginnings of another great war between the four remaining vampire manors?
As enemies threaten to overtake Malvania, Lila and Ambrose must choose their allies wisely. But what if they can’t even trust themselves?

(Note: This book contains dark and mature language, themes, and content that may not be suitable for all readers, including violence, blood, abuse, attempted sexual assault, and explicit sex. Reader discretion is advised.)

The Sun Child – J. M. Failde

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