The Sorcerer’s Thief by Lee Colgin

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The Sorcerer’s Thief (Fortune Favors the Fae) by Lee Colgin

The Thief
Cricket thought he’d stolen the ultimate prize: a rare coin rumored to possess magical powers. But when an alluring sorcerer upends his world in a moonlit alley, Cricket discovers the coin is more powerful than he’d ever imagined.
And he’ll risk his life to keep it.

The Sorcerer
Julian needs that stupid coin, and seeing as it’s fallen into the hands of a mortal man—a beguiling, smooth-talking thief, really—it should be easy enough to claim. So why does he continue to fail in his every attempt?

Unstoppable Ancient Magic
For someone who thrives in the shadows, Cricket discovers there’s no hiding from the magic that binds him to the coin, or the infuriatingly seductive Fae sorcerer intent on reclaiming it. Soon, both men find themselves battling volatile magic and a dangerous attraction while desperately holding on to what neither can afford to lose: their hearts.

The Sorcerer’s Thief – Lee Colgin

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