The Scarred Duchess by Barry S Richman

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The Scarred Duchess by Barry S Richman

Her Majesty has made me the enemy of every young lady seeking a husband and the target of every rake seeking a conquest.

FOLLOWING DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN THE REGULARS, young Thomas Bennet finds himself the unexpected master of Longbourn. He is determined not to repeat the mistakes of his grandfather Bennet who made enemies that cost his daughter her life. Thomas’s own responsibilities number five more than his ancestor had. How is a father to protect his beloved daughter Jane when the man she loves is the target of those who are willing to shed blood to achieve their nefarious goals? How can he save Jane from the jealousy and spite inspired by her own beauty, or the consequences of his own past dealings?
MISS JANE BENNET AND HER SISTER ELIZABETH are travelling to town to shop for Jane’s wedding to an eligible young earl when an altered seating arrangement leads to grievous injury for one sister and unceasing self-recrimination for the other. Once the envy of the neighbourhood, Jane is now a pitiable object of scorn, shunned and ridiculed by those she once thought her friends. Releasing her suitor from his attachment to her, Jane hides away for years, believing that all hope of happiness is lost.
WILL THE PROCESS OF HEALING, of both of her body and her spirit, ever be complete enough to allow her to love again? Will her attachment to Lord Lambrook survive the obstacles presented to them and allow them a second chance at life and love? And will Thomas Bennet ever be able to forgive himself for failing to keep her from harm?

The Scarred Duchess is a Pride and Prejudice reimagining, a multi-generational saga telling how love and devotion triumph over vengeance and villainy to shape the destinies of two families in Georgian England.

The Scarred Duchess – Barry S Richman

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