The P*ssy Next Door by Amy Award

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The P*ssy Next Door (The Cocky Kingmans #3) by Amy Award

He’s an athlete all about focus, discipline, and achieving goals.
She’s the free spirited girl next door who won’t be tied down to anything but her emotional support K!ndle.
But when the cat distribution system brings these two together, opposites attract.
Life has always been family, football, and school.
Focusing on my goals didn’t leave much room for girls. But I’m not in school anymore. I’m the hottest rookie running back the league has ever seen, and I know how to score a touchdown. I don’t have a clue how to score with a girl.
But I’m going to learn. Because the girl next door with all the thick curves is my new goal. And I’m going to win her heart.
She knows nothing about football, but she does like my tight end.
So does her cat.
Her older brother (by two whole minutes) does not and he’ll do anything to keep us apart.

The P*ssy Next Door – Amy Award

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