The Plus One Professional by Shawna Renae

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The Plus One Professional (Bliss Bridal #1) by Shawna Renae

Wedding planner Bailey Bliss always knew she would plan her first love’s wedding. She just assumed she’d be the bride walking down the aisle to him. But it seems life has a sense of humor. Just when she thinks everything has fallen into place after her ex moves back to the Bay area, his gorgeous fiancée hires her to plan their Pinterest-worthy destination wedding.
Can you say plot twist?
The smart thing to do would be to cancel the contract. Unfortunately, the hopeless romantic, AKA glutton for punishment, in her can’t do that. She needs to see the man who she’s pined two decades for say ‘I do’ to someone else with her own eyes. But that doesn’t mean she has to witness the train wreck of her love life solo.
Professional plus-one Cole Crawford isn’t looking for happily ever after. Moonlighting as a date for hire is the totality of his social life. He doesn’t have any room for romance unless he’s getting paid for it. The problem is he has a no-intimacy policy in his professional life. That, combined with no time for a personal life, equals him living a monk-life existence.
No one has ever tempted him to break his rule except for the stunning green-eyed wedding planner who has become a fixture in his dreams, both waking and sleeping. When a twist of fate leaves his dream girl in need of his services, he knows the right thing to do would be to keep things professional. But that’s easier said than done when the wrong thing feels so right.

Author’s note: The Plus One Professional is a lust-at-first-sight, he falls first, reverse age-gap, fake relationship, one-bed, contemporary rom-com.

The Plus One Professional – Shawna Renae

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