The Orc Outcast’s Conquest by Aurora Winters

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The Orc Outcast’s Conquest (Orc Mates Of Faeda #1) by Aurora Winters

She was the last woman on Earth and becomes his entire world.
Miranda is determined to survive.

Being the only human left alive after Earth’s apocalypse was horrible enough, but fate just had to add being chased off a cliff by rabid dogs to the mix.
Miranda expects the fall to be the end of her. Instead, she opens her eyes to find paradise.
Paradise and a very green, inhuman male with a muscular body plucked right out of her fantasies. She’s as desperate to get close to him as he is desperate to get away. He’s her only guide to this new world called Faeda and she’s going to use every trick and treat available to keep him at her side.
Govek is determined to escape.
After being rejected by his fellow orcs, Govek of the Rove Wood Clan leaves his brethren to join the ongoing war.
And then a woman falls out of the sky before his eyes.
Resolving not to be waylaid, Govek ignores his instinctual drive to keep her and tries to leave her behind, but Miranda’s constant babble and open heart soothes Govek’s past hurts. Abandoning her is impossible, and the mysteries of how she came to his world are too curious to ignore.
Their attraction mounts as they battle the dangerous woods of Faeda, and Govek is inevitably forced to choose between the kin who betrayed him, and the woman he is growing to love.

The Orc Outcast’s Conquest – Aurora Winters

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