The Naughtier List by Jade West

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The Naughtier List by Jade West

Ella Edwards is loving her dream life in the city of London, doing ‘naughty’ things for a living and adoring every second.
Her clients are getting naughtier, her paychecks are getting bigger, and she’s dating another crazy hot ‘entertainer’ who’s driving her wild.
Josh, otherwise known as Weston – one of the greatest Agency Hardcorers of them all.

The flames are burning bright, and the passion is scorching hot, so what could possibly go wrong?
How about her betraying, cheater of an ex discovering what she does for living, and throwing threats around that could bring her world tumbling down?
Not everyone agrees with her career choices – and some of those people have a lot more influence than others…
Will poor Ella get to keep climbing the naughty list, or will her Hardcorer dreams turn to dust?

The Naughtier List – Jade West

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