The Mirage Guild by Gabi Salas

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The Mirage Guild (The Prism Society #2) by Gabi Salas

Beaches or bartenders? I know which one I’d rather be on…

Absence has not made Izzy Esposito’s heart grow any fonder of New York City. She’d much rather be back on the beaches of Bora Bora with her best friend, drinking away the fact that at thirty-five, she’s well and truly past her prime expiration date. But instead, she’s walking through city rain on the way to a job she had to beg her brother for.
The Prism Society is Brooklyn’s hottest destination for those wishing to explore their desires in sumptuous surrounds — with or without an audience. Prism’s sommelier-in-training Max Kingsley is usually content to work his magic behind the bar. Then Izzy bursts in the door and her magnetic curves have him yearning for a private room…
Max is seven years younger and a hundred times hotter than Izzy is used to, so this is clearly just a fling. But when they’re asked to organize events for The Prism Society’s newest sister club, the lines of business and pleasure merge into one.

Directionless Izzy is only too glad to take the distraction of Max’s delicious orders. Until she’s forced to decide what she really wants…

The Mirage Guild – Gabi Salas

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