The Mended Hearts Bookshop by Sienna Waters

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The Mended Hearts Bookshop (Tetherington Hearts #1) by Sienna Waters

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses. Is it?

When loner Ash Wells inherits a bookshop from an aunt she doesn’t remember, she thinks a jaunt to the seaside to figure things out is just what she needs to escape from her annoying London neighbors. The plan is simple: have a holiday, sell the bookshop, move on with her life. Oh, and maybe find out who this mysterious Aunt Mary is.

Plus-sized baker Pen Robson is an eternal optimist. So when she meets her grumpy new next door neighbor, she’s determined to win her over, no matter how many sticky buns and biscuits that takes. But her tall, dark, and handsome neighbor doesn’t even seem to like the ever-generous Pen, let alone want to settle into a story book grumpy-sunshine romance.

Yet when Pen comes up with a madcap plan to save the little bookshop, Ash decides she might as well stick around for a while, especially after an unexpected revelation leaves her wondering just who she really is.

Pen’s relentless optimism slowly starts to melt Ash’s frozen heart. But as the tiny seaside town begins to grow on Ash, and her plans for life begin to change, her suspicions are beginning to grow as well. And what happens if this all turns out to be a mistake? Does love really conquer all?

The Mended Hearts Bookshop – Sienna Waters

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