The Magic of Heart Mountain by K.C. Lynn

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The Magic of Heart Mountain (Heart Mountain) by K.C. Lynn

A mountain with a legend.
A sunshine Cali girl excited to experience a white Christmas.
A grumpy RCMP officer who never sees her coming.
What’s worse than sliding into a parked car on a snowy winter day? How about when that car turns out to be a police vehicle belonging to the grumpy, yet undeniably attractive RCMP officer, Mike Cross?

This is what happens to California native Hollis Billings when she travels to a remote town in the Canadian Rockies, and it leads to a tumultuous encounter. To make matters worse, Hollis seems to cross paths with the brooding officer wherever she goes, and he never fails to wear a perpetual scowl just for her.
It isn’t until she learns he is a devoted guardian to his sweet and sassy nine-year-old sister that she starts to see a different side to Officer Grump.
When a twist of fate entwines their daily lives, Hollis quickly finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome officer and his adorable sister, leading her to question whether her time in Passion Falls is meant to be temporary.
She also can’t help but wonder if there isn’t more to the tale surrounding Heart Mountain.
After all, some legends hold fragments of the truth.

The Magic of Heart Mountain – K.C. Lynn

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