The Mad Duke’s Bride by Tessa Brookman

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The Mad Duke’s Bride (The Duchess Dilemma #1) by Tessa Brookman

An exiled Duke who returns to claim what’s his. A wallflower who holds his fate in her palms. One accidental kiss.

To escape a forced betrothal, Lady Selina runs off to Castle Valebridge to seek out her childhood friend, Arthur. Except, the man she encounters there is not the tender boy she once knew…

Marcus, once banished and erased from history by a callous father, returns home pretending to be his late twin, Arthur. But the unexpected arrival of a lady from his brother’s past threatens to expose his deception…

Until Selina kisses him in front of an audience, and awakens in him a fierce desire he had long put to bed…

Each book in the Duchess Dilemma series is a standalone story of 60,000 words that can be enjoyed out of order and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

The Mad Duke’s Bride – Tessa Brookman

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