The Lyon and the Rose of Mayfair by Aviva Orr

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The Lyon and The Rose of Mayfair (The Lyon’s Den Connected World) by Aviva Orr

Can Charlotte and Hugh’s love survive a family feud?

Charlotte Rose will settle for nothing less than true love. But how is she to find it amongst the ton where suitors compete to win her hand like a prized trophy? Dubbed ‘the Rose of Mayfair’ for her extraordinary beauty, Charlotte has low expectations as she prepares to enter her third Season. But her focus changes when her father’s nemesis returns to London, and an old feud reemerges, affecting her adored papa’s health and throwing their happy home into turmoil. Charlotte will do anything to end the feud and restore her papa to his genial self—even if it means consorting with his enemy’s son.
Hugh Warsham is nothing like his father, a hot-tempered general who spent much of his life in military combat. Determined not to follow in his footsteps, Hugh studies to be a barrister but finds the work tedious and the long hours torturous. Reprieve comes in the form of an unexpected inheritance. With his newfound fortune, Hugh starts to frequent the Lyon’s Den, delighting in the freedom denied to him in his previous life.

The Lyon and The Rose of Mayfair – Aviva Orr

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