The Love Development by Nicki Bell

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The Love Development by Nicki Bell

Two real estate agents. One deal. Manhattan isn’t big enough for the both of them.

Scarlett is working her curvy derriere off to be one of Manhattan’s top-selling real estate agents, and she’s about to land a huge client that could make her managing partner of the agency—and generate enough commission to buy the brownstone her foster parents told her she’d never have.
Except the developer didn’t mention he wanted two agents, and the second choice is Jack Shane—infuriating, smug, gorgeous… and working for a rival agency that’s trying to poach her clients. With millions up for grabs, Scarlett will need to do whatever it takes to secure them for herself, because sacrificing her career for witty repartee and smoldering looks hotter than Death Valley in July is not an option. But as the closing date approaches, Scarlett must ask herself what’s more important: love or the listing?

The Love Development – Nicki Bell

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