The Honourable Lucas Kincaid by Emma Melbourne

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The Honourable Lucas Kincaid (Miss Fleming #3) by Emma Melbourne

Her guardian’s a gentleman. She wishes he wasn’t.
Felicity Taylor and her guardian, Lucas Kincaid, don’t see eye to eye on many things, but they both agree that her twenty-first birthday can’t come quickly enough. Felicity is an heiress, but she’ll lose her fortune if she marries without Kincaid’s consent. Unless, of course, she waits until she comes of age, when she’ll be able to marry without his permission. And since Felicity hates to ask Kincaid for anything, she’s chosen to wait until she turns twenty-one to make her society debut.

Kincaid’s role as Felicity’s guardian hasn’t been easy, but his last duty shouldn’t be difficult: he needs to find Felicity a chaperone for the Season. He thinks he’s found the perfect candidate in his own future wife, Miss Jane Harris. But unfortunately, the worthy Miss Harris does not approve of Felicity . . .

The Honourable Lucas Kincaid – Emma Melbourne

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