The Fate Of Us by Holly Jukes

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The Fate Of Us (Probability #2) by Holly Jukes

Adaline Moore never wanted this life; the lights, the sets, the velvet carpets. She knew this wasn’t what she was made for. But what does a girl who has grown up in the shadow of the Hollywood sign do? She remains there, in the easy comfort she’s built up for herself since she was six.
But after too many years of ignoring her true desire to write stories about braver girls than her, she’s ready to change.
And if there were ever a sign to say goodbye to the cameras, surely being cast alongside her childhood sweetheart, the one she’d cry to after a never-ending day of auditions, who left for college and forgot all about her, was the final one.
When people hear the name ‘Nate Patricks’ their minds are filled with golden smiles, a boy too charming for his own good, and the embodiment of a movie heartthrob. And while he is the leading man of the silver screen, in real life he isn’t nearly as outgoing, with his anxiety taking the reins and controlling the parts of his life that aren’t documented for the world to see.
There was always one person who made his anxiety fade, though. A certain auburn-haired firefly that he called his best friend. The one he loved before he knew what love was all about. But after she betrayed him with the one person she swore they hated? Nate was suddenly without her, without Adaline; the girl who made all his hurt float away.
And now… she was starring opposite him in the biggest book adaptation to grace movie-theatre screens.
Pretending to fall in love with a stranger was one thing… but pretending to be in love with the person who knew your heart and soul the same way you did was a pair of already broken hearts waiting to flatline.

The Fate Of Us is Book Two in The Probability Series: a series of interconnected, standalone romance novels.

The Fate Of Us – Holly Jukes

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