The Eraser by Brooke Summers

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The Eraser (Houlihan Men of Dublin #1) by Brooke Summers

I’m a killer, I do it for fun, a way to quell the blood thirstiness that lives inside me.

No one has ever been able to penetrate the walls around my blackened heart.
Except her. Jessica Grace.
I met her at the lowest point in her life.
I saw the depths of despair that shone brightly in those blue eyes.
Begging for help, pleading for solace.
It was at that moment that I found the one.
My one.
But she’s too young, too innocent to be tainted by my darkness.
So I stay away until fate brings us back together.
Now, she’s hurt, and I’ll do anything to protect her.
No one touches what’s mine and lives to tell the tale.
I’m the Eraser.
Once I’m done with my prey, they simply cease to exist.
No traces of them are ever left behind.
Vengeance is all I crave.
I’m ready to start a war with the man who hurt my wife.
Nothing will stop me.
I’ll do everything it takes to keep her safe.
My love. My wife. My everything.

The Eraser – Brooke Summers

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