The Enemy: Extended Edition by Sarah Adams

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The Enemy: Extended Edition (It Happened in Charleston #2) by Sarah Adams

Enemies should never get a second chance. But this one might . . .

It’s been twelve years since June Broaden has seen her high school enemy (and secret crush), Ryan Henderson. That’s a long time to hold a grudge over some petty feud, but the sharp memory of him dangling a kiss at graduation, then pulling away at the last second, has fuelled many angry fantasies since. Now’s her chance to get even.
Ryan, along with most of her high school class, is back in town for her best friend’s wedding, and June is eager to show the former bully exactly what he missed out on. A lot has changed since their high school days; June is the Southern queen of gourmet donuts now, not to mention one of the most desired bachelorettes in her small town.
What’s she’s not expecting, though, is for Ryan to show up looking like Adonis and touting his own career success as the youngest chef to ever win three Michelin stars. How dare he try to one up her revenge plot? Luckily June never backs down from a challenge . . .

The Enemy: Extended Edition – Sarah Adams

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