The Earl and the Country Girl by Eva Devon

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The Earl and the Country Girl by Eva Devon

This stablehand is definitely more than he appears in the bestselling author Eva Devon’s captivating tale of two complete opposites refusing to fall in love…

Miss Alice Wright should be content. After all, her knowledge of herbal lore helps so many in her village. Yet she longs for more. For Alice dreams of becoming a famed parfumier in London, celebrated for her fine scents…even as her family’s past warns her of the perils of ambition. But when Alice collides—quite literally—with a charismatic gentleman in a field of lavender, her perfume-filled dream is suddenly within reach. Be careful what you wish for…
Lord Felix Brightman is certain that no one can see through his clever disguise as a stable hand. How else could he, the Earl of Enderley, accurately gauge the management of his Cornwall estate? But a pretty—and surprisingly pert—maiden sees through his façade instantly. So he offers Alice a deal: if she helps him out, he’ll do everything he can to help her realize her dream…
Yet attraction simmers in the air between them, and it’s not long before Alice and Felix find themselves tempted to compromise any notions of propriety. After all, lust leads to disaster. Marriage is out of the question. And Alice is determined that nothing shall stop her from pursuing her passions…even if the road to London—and certain success—could lead to certain ruin.

The Earl and the Country Girl – Eva Devon

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