The Dragon’s Omega by Rhea Watson

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The Dragon’s Omega (Deathless Gods #1) by Rhea Watson

When I left home on the eve of the summer solstice, I didn’t expect to learn monsters were real—nor did I plan on getting kidnapped by one.

A dragon, if you want to be specific.
A hot, wounded, furious alpha dragon who triggers a heat the moment I scent him.
He makes me weak. He makes me burn.
I don’t understand it. Alphas rarely get a smilefrom me, never mind an insta-heat.
Is this a fated mates deal, a rare and beautiful scent match?
Or has my first encounter with a real alpha made me totally delusional and this—the way my body screams for him, craves him, needs him—is just embarrassing.
Either way, the pack courting me thinks my explosive heat is for them, and when I’m at my most vulnerable, they try to force our bond against my will.
But in the storm of flame and fury that follows, I learn the truth:
Tonight, the only thing that will soothe my heat, mend my broken heart, and claim my very soul—is fire.

The Dragon’s Omega – Rhea Watson

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