The Curse of the Goddess by C.C. González

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The Curse of the Goddess (The Queen and the Heiress #1) by C.C. González

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

The Oracle foretold that Princess Valda Aither of the Sky Kingdom would discover her mate on her twenty-fifth birthday. They would lock eyes and find each other, as has happened since the dawn of time. Valda desperately wanted to believe the Oracle, but her hopes of finding her soulmate were shattered when she inexplicably lost her vision during her birthday celebration. Needing time to heal and adapt to her new reality, she was assigned an assistant, a young woman named Maris Era, who set her body and mind ablaze.

Maris just wanted to navigate life as quietly as possible. After her home in the Sea Kingdom was destroyed, she was adopted as a baby by a Skylian soldier and his wife. Maris was kept hidden for most of her life until tragedy struck. Alone and struggling to survive in a kingdom where Sealians are unwelcome, Maris found herself working in Oberon Castle, face-to-face with the man she believes is responsible for her suffering, while also caring for the next queen of the Sky Kingdom.

Despite her reluctance to accept a mate, Maris cannot resist her attraction to Valda and the need to be with her at all times. Yet, she must uncover the truth about who was behind her family’s demise, but how can she do so when Valda consumes her every breath?

The Curse of the Goddess – C.C. González

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