The Cuffing Season Contract by Tori Ross

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The Cuffing Season Contract by Tori Ross

Tori Ross, author of Rocks and Contact High, brings you a steamy, small-town romantic comedy!

Savannah Smart comes back to her hometown, Evergreen Hills, to take over as the head librarian over the local library’s youth literacy program. She’s determined to finish her degree in library science and enjoy a quiet life as a town librarian. But when a local bar advertises a cuffing season speed dating event, Savannah’s mom signs them both up and convinces her daughter to give it a try.
Wilder Lynx is determined to remain single forever. He also has a new partner every year for cuffing season and even makes his partner sign a deal saying that their relationship ends after Valentine’s Day.
As the couple begins their cuffing season and their feelings for each other grow, they quickly realize they may be in over their heads. Can Savannah break the contract she signed and tell Wilder she wants him to stick around, or can Wilder put his pride aside long enough to void the contract?

The Cuffing Season Contract – Tori Ross

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