The Contracted Bear’s Mate by Lorelei M. Hart

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The Contracted Bear’s Mate (Omegas of the Shifter Mafia #3) by Lorelei M. Hart

They say dreams really do come true. I didn’t know they included nightmares.

I didn’t enjoy being a killer. It isn’t in my nature, but when I am offered a job that would help people avoid a fate like my omega twin faced, I jump at the opportunity. I refuse to sit around coding in an office building when I could be making a difference.
When I discover that I’m working for the wrong side and that they’ve been using me all along, my gut reaction is to burn it all to the ground. That’s when the dreams started and everything changed.
Once upon a time, my brother and I used to share dreams. I thought it was a twin thing, but he’s gone, and my dreams have become my only connection to the omegas who need us most. Please let my gift be enough. Time is running out for the omegas and the cubs in their care, and I refuse to let them down.

The Contracted Bear’s Mate – Lorelei M. Hart

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