The Castle of Fire and Fable by Steffanie Holmes

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The Castle of Fire and Fable (Briarwood Witches #2) by Steffanie Holmes

Five beautiful witches … one painful choice.
I’m a witch. I didn’t see that coming. I guess it explains all the weird stuff that keeps happening to me. All those odd things science couldn’t explain.

It also explains how I’ve ended up with a doorway into the fae realm at the bottom of the garden.
Being a witch and a science geek makes my head hurt sometimes, but luckily I’ve got Corbin, Arthur, Flynn, Rowan, and Blake to awaken my powers and heal my broken heart.

The only way our coven will be strong enough to battle the fae is if I choose one of them as a consort. But how can I choose when each of my guys is so special? How can I accept only one when they all fill the empty void inside me?
When life gives you a fae portal, you make lemonade out of those evil little bastards. And that’s just what we’re going to do.

The Castle of Fire and Fable – Steffanie Holmes

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