The Assassin’s Quest by Kaytie Marie

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The Assassin’s Quest (Femme Fatale Freakshow) by Kaytie Marie

We are the Femme Fatale Freakshow.
The things that go bump in the night. The monster of your nightmares. The blade in the shadows. The bitter end you never saw coming.
And we are sex personified.

Do you know what a powerful Assassin doesn’t need? Mates.
I knew exactly what I wanted and needed from life, and the Assassin’s Guild gave me that. Now, with my biggest assignment yet, I’m faced with a complication I may not be able to overcome, MY MATES.
To complete my mission and kill my target, I have to work with a group of men that come with more problems than I want to deal with, least of all being my undeniable pull of all five of them.

Will I be able to make it through the dangerous creature, unrelenting traps, and my mates’ own families to the Keep to slay the Dragon and finish this quest, or will we all be killed before we make it? Worse, if we do make it … will I be able to keep my heart to myself or will I leave this assignment with more treasure than a massive payout?

The Assassin’s Quest – Kaytie Marie

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