The Abduction of an Earl by Linda Rae Sande

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The Abduction of an Earl (The Lords of the Aristocracy #1) by Linda Rae Sande

A baron hell-bent on revenge. An innocent earl. A countess caught in the crossfire.

While departing the first ball of the Season, dowager countess Persephone discovers there’s an intruder in her coach. She’s momentarily shocked, until she realizes she knows the man. They had briefly been lovers years ago. But how did he end up in her coach, apparently three sheets to the wind?
Jack, Earl of Wilmington, is sure he was drugged during the ball, for what else could explain his splitting headache and loss of memory? But who put him in Lady Castlewait’s coach? And why?
Persephone’s driver Parker is just as bewildered, and he’s determined to discover what he can. While Persephone and Jack renew their acquaintance, Parker returns to the scene of an abduction gone awry. Can switched hats, misidentified crests on coaches, and reports of gossip relating to the notorious ‘Lord JW’ provide the clues he needs to sort whodunit? Jack’s fate depends on it in The Abduction of an Earl.

The Abduction of an Earl – Linda Rae Sande

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