Tempting the Heart by Karice Bolton

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Tempting the Heart (Curiosity Bay #3) by Karice Bolton

Everything in Mae Evans’ life was going extremely well, almost too well. So, when she flipped on the lights in her coffee shop one morning and put out the day’s pastries, she didn’t expect to see her brother’s best friend standing outside, waiting for the door to open.
Her mind went blank, her cheeks flushed, and her body turned to a wet noodle at the sight of him. He was everything she wasn’t. His presence commanded attention, his wry-one liners made everyone laugh, and his eyes could drop a person to their knees.
It didn’t help that she’d had a crush on him since she was twelve or that he happened to be her brother’s best friend.
All Tyler Grant wanted was to grab some coffee and maybe a bite to eat before heading to his family’s house. It had been over a decade since he’d been back to the island, and he didn’t have plans on staying long.
But when he looked up to see Mae Evans standing at the door, he nearly lost his mind. The sight of her, all grown up yet still achingly familiar, sent a jolt through him, thawing his hardened heart. She was the one line he had never crossed, the one wish he never allowed himself to make.
When his gaze found hers, he could barely talk, and all the reasons why he’d vowed to stay away started to crumble, but he knew the one thing he needed was the one thing he couldn’t have.

Tempting the Heart – Karice Bolton

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