Tell Me How You Hate Me by Cali Melle

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Tell Me How You Hate Me by Cali Melle

When life gives you your enemy, you make a deal with him…

Leo Wells is the last person I want to be skating with.
He’s aloof, abrasive… and stupidly attractive. Nevermind the fact that I had a lapse in judgment one night with him in the past.
We may not like each other, but I like winning more and if I want to do that, I need him.
We need each other.
Leo doesn’t like the idea anymore than I do, but we make a deal. We can put our differences aside and forget about our history so we can compete together.
It should be easy enough–after all, neither of us like the other.
But there’s a spark between us, one that reignites a burning fire we lit a long time ago.
The lines are blurring and melting like the ice around my heart.
Leo Wells is breaking through my walls, tearing them down one layer at a time.
And all I can do is tell him how I hate him…
Because I’m afraid I don’t hate him at all.

Tell Me How You Hate Me – Cali Melle

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