Tangled Fates by Mandy Muse

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Tangled Fates (Tangled Duet #1) by Mandy Muse

I’ve been hiding all my life.

My power is rare and everyone wants it.
People are willing to pay for it, even kill for it.
I live in a tower with my cat surrounded by mountains and a magical barrier to keep me safe.
Mother has kept me safe for almost two hundred years but the loneliness is eating me alive.
It’s happened once before. I’ve been found and I’m terrified of it happening again until twin vampires and a shifter walk through the magical barrier.
Our connection is instant, even if one of them is fighting our bond.
I can’t imagine life without them but if I leave, I know mother will come for me because as I have learned, she is not who I thought she was.

Mother’s magic is dangerous but her wrath is deadly. Is it worth the risk to have a life outside of these mountain with my mates? Or should I be good daughter and stay within my prison?

Tangled Fates – Mandy Muse

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