Tame Me by Heidi Rice & Natalie Anderson

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Tame Me by Heidi Rice & Natalie Anderson

Revenge in Paradise by Heidi Rice
Passion…or payback?
Roman Garner has risen from poverty-stricken boy to billionaire. But he’s never forgiven the family who refused to acknowledge him. When a member of that household, Milly Devlin, accidentally hijacks his superyacht—with him aboard—Roman’s thoughts turn to revenge… He isn’t expecting innocent Milly to challenge him at every turn, or to thrill him with desire! Can he still even the score if he sleeps with the enemy?

My One-Night Heir by Natalie Anderson
Surprise heir for the billionaire!
Too busy serving the rich and famous for romance, waitress Talia has never been kissed… Until she meets obscenely gorgeous billionaire Dain. Their oh-so-brief encounter leaves her with delicious memories—and a baby boy! An ironclad co-parenting contract is supposed to keep things simple. But when their scorching chemistry refuses to burn out, they risk their partnership becoming something far more complicated…

Tame Me – Heidi Rice & Natalie Anderson

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