Talon’s Hurricane by C.K. Noel

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Talon’s Hurricane (Satchel Pride #4) by C.K. Noel

A storm is brewing—literally. Can three mates find shelter from the storm and accept their bonds?
Talon, a lion shifter, harbors doubts about his bond with Lucas, a bunny shifter who desires his mate.
When Lucas moves away to a northern beach town, he encounters Dominic, a former demon prince who is looking for some fun and trouble.
Dominic soon realizes that both Lucas and Talon are his mates, his Duša, his soul.
But convincing them of their bond is not easy, especially when a hurricane threatens to destroy their town and their lives. As they shelter together, they must confront their fears, secrets, and enemies, as well as their undeniable attraction and affection for each other.

Talon’s Hurricane – C.K. Noel

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