Swooning for the Summer Manny by Kate Hunt

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Swooning for the Summer Manny (Chiseled & Curvy #10) by Kate Hunt

I thought I could raise a kid on my own.
But between my daughter’s summer activities and my work schedule, I have no choice but to hire help.
Enter Ryan, a six-foot-three manny who looks like he belongs in an underwear ad.
I can’t stop staring at him. Those gorgeous eyes. Those muscles. That hair.
But the thing that really gets me is how good he is with my kiddo.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner, down to the way he embraces my daughter’s quirks.
I know that nothing can happen between myself and Ryan.
And yet I can’t help but fantasize about a future with him…
…full of breathless kisses, wedding bells, and a growing family.

Swooning for the Summer Manny – Kate Hunt

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