Sweet Briar by Joline Pearce

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Sweet Briar (Awakened #1) by Joline Pearce

Once upon a time, a prince’s obsession with me nearly destroyed the kingdom.

I knew that chalice was poisoned. I drank from it to escape a fate worse than death. Now, a century later, another prince’s kiss awakens me from my enchanted slumber. I’m told I have no choice but to become his queen. That’s how the story always ends.
But my heart desires a man I can’t touch. The knight who was there in the shadows, watching me.

The curse isn’t yet fully broken.
I’ve lived this tale once before. This time, I choose a different ending. I want him. The hard-hearted knight whose kiss awakens me, body and soul. Who protects me from the monsters that follow me wherever I go. No matter what price I must pay—or what it costs him to awaken me in truth.

Sweet Briar – Joline Pearce

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