Sunstone Sacrifice by JL Madore

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Sunstone Sacrifice (Club Sanguine #2) by JL Madore, Ruby Night

My name is Josephine Dumont, and I am a Sun Witch.

My grandmother forbade me to return to New Orleans, and after being kidnapped three times in three weeks, I understand why…
Duplicitous witches, murderous werewolves, and blood-thirsty vampires.
Since I got to town, I survived battling the magical forces coming at me, escaped the supernatural factions of New Orleans, and then Mother Gaia turned my world upside down.
On the new moon, she bound me to three volatile and murderous vampires—Three.
The Vampire King of the French Quarter and his two top enforcers are the three deadliest vampires in New Orleans, and now they think I belong to them.
And if that’s not bad enough, the Alpha of the Algiers Pack is determined to sever the fragile peace between the supernatural species of the city.
With magical spells, enchanted daggers, and enemies against me, I have to decide who I can trust.
Being a Dumont witch in the Big Easy isn’t easy.

Sunstone Sacrifice – JL Madore, Ruby Night

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