Summer with a Fake Date by Rhian Cahill

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Summer with a Fake Date (The Love Beach Collection) by Rhian Cahill

Fake a relationship for the summer? How hard can it be?

Getting away for the summer is just what I need and playing some guy’s fake girlfriend for three months can’t be too hard. Except that’s exactly what Quade Sanderson is. Hard. From head to toe he’s all hard sculptured muscle with a face kissed by the Gods. Shame I’m not playing a God, because if I was, I’d be kissing him stupid.

Why the hell I opened my mouth and told my mother I was seeing someone is anyone’s guess. Now I have to come up with this mystery woman for the duration of the summer. Paying a woman to be my ‘girlfriend’ for three months seemed like a good idea. Until I met Hadley. Until we were forced to share a one room cottage with only one bed.

Sunny days and steamy nights: Catch the fireworks all summer long with the heroes and heroines of Love Beach, a small town on the eastern shore where romance and happily ever after are guaranteed.

Summer with a Fake Date – Rhian Cahill

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