Summer Kind of Love by Charlène Boutin

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Summer Kind of Love (Seasons of the East Coast #1) by Charlène Boutin

It’s official: I’m spending a full month on the ocean shores of Cape Breton.

Avery is usually hunched over a laptop, writing the kind of words that end up on website homepages and glossy brochures. But ever since “The One” turned out to be the one who smashed her heart to bits, the page has been relentlessly blank. And blank pages mean an empty bank account.
When an up-market retreat center offers Avery a major project, she jumps at the chance to pay next month’s bills. But taking the job means committing to a change of scenery to jumpstart her failing creative spark. A cottage by the sea won’t be lonely…right?
Actually, it’s anything but. Because Logan, once the only person in the world Avery could rely on, is working the front desk. And just like that, Avery’s past catches up to her. It’s too much and too wonderful all at once. Too…everything.

But with Logan beside her, it might not be too late — if Avery can make peace with their past.

Summer Kind of Love – Charlène Boutin

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